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€20 instead of €50 for one month's unlimited Thai Boxing classes at Chupasart

23.09.2010 23:57 #1
Today's Deal: €20 instead of €50 for one month's unlimited Thai Boxing classes at Chupasart

Get this deal here!

Today's Boards Deal lets you experience the excitement of Muay Thai boxing in Dublin's renowned Chupasart Club.

Your voucher entitles you to a one month pass for unlimited Thai Boxing and Thai Fitness classes, for only €20 instead of €50!

About Chupasart

Chupasart is a purpose-built 4,000 square foot Muay Thai club based in Dublin. Over the past two years, Chupasart has developed a scorching hot stable of amateur & professional fighters, many of which have gone on to win titles both at home and overseas.

Chupasart caters for both total beginners and those who are more experienced in Thai boxing. Choose from a wide range of classes including Women Only, Kids Only and General Thai Fitness.

What to Expect

A typical session involves a warm-up, shadow-boxing, partner drills and padwork. For your first few classes, you will be partnered with a more experienced student to learn the basics, and once you have attained a certain level of skill, you will be able to participate in sparring rounds.

New students are welcome from all levels, and no additional pre-training preparation is needed. A common misconception of Thai Boxing is that you need to be fit before start... while it would help, they encourage you to get your fitness during training! All you will need for your first couple of lessons is a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt!

Benefits of Thai Boxing and Thai Fitness

Classes are a combination of physical fitness and strength, with additional press-up and sit-up variations to suit all levels. There are many benefits to training in Thai Boxing aside from the obvious self-defence application; you will notice an increase in physical strength, coordination and stamina. With time you will also notice improvements in your determination, patience, and self-control.

In addition, training speeds up the body's metabolism and burns off fat. Eventually, you will notice a decrease in fat, an increase in muscle, and an overall improved sense of well being. Thai Boxing is an all round solution to get fit, learn self defence, lose weight and have fun!

Check our Chupasart's weekly timetable here!

Terms & Conditions

- One voucher per person, may buy multiples as gifts
- Voucher must be redeemed within six months
- Not valid in conjunction with other offers
- Valid on all Thai boxing classes and Thai fitness classes

Get this deal here!
24.09.2010 00:17 #2
Registered User
Although I personally wouldn't go for something like this in a million years, it's great to see something different on the deals! Makes a change from all the beauty salons! (My personal fav's) ;)
24.09.2010 08:37 #3
Damn! This is right beside where I work but it's women only classes at half 5. Not really feasible for me to travel 45 minutes home and then travel back for 7. Great offer though.
24.09.2010 12:08 #4
Registered User
The question is now, after signing up, who's going to come in and be a noob with me :D
28.09.2010 11:51 #5
Perhaps this should be moved back to the main page, rather than being a side deal? It's not really getting enough attention right now.
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