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€25 instead of €50 for 30 minutes Advanced Track Racing at Pallas Karting

07.09.2010 14:40 #16
Well, twice the minimum is far from bad! And I know a couple of people would have jumped at this if I'd spotted it in time, don't know how I came to miss it! :(

Actually, when there's a regional deal on it might be no harm to put a link in the local forum ... I doubt people down the country keep that close an eye on this as most of the deals so far have been Dublin-based.
11.09.2010 21:05 #17
Registered User
Think that's what happened randy. This was posted on the Galway city and county forum and then thats when the numbers shot up
13.09.2010 21:42 #18
Registered User
god I hope this comes up again, I'm still sick i missed this
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