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Powercuts in Ovens area

11.07.2010 19:08 #1
Registered User
Seriously, what is the deal with all the powercuts in the Ovens area lately? We are getting at least two a week and quite often at about 7am when I need to get up for work and I can't have a shower or a cup of tea or anything! It's getting quite annoying now! Anyone know why there are so many lately? :(
12.07.2010 10:22 #2
Hi Toxica,

This is a forum for ESB Customer Supply only so unfortunately I would be limited in the help I could offer in relation to ESB Networks' issues. Networks are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the grid and would dispatch their technicians if/when they receive any reports of a power failure.

You may find the following link helpful, which recommends what a customer should do in the case of a loss of supply.

You could also contact ESB Networks on 1850 372 757 and seek clarification from your local area office as to why there have been regular power failures of late. I'm sure they would be able to offer some explanation.

I hope this information helps,


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