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"Your phone number is"

10.07.2010 10:01 #1
Category Moderator
Why is my phone number printed on my bill?

It started in may for some reason or other, just seems weird. The only thing i can think of, is if it has changed, its a reminder to update it with yourselves because its used to identify people when they ring in, handy when mprn isnt to hand?

PLEASE PHONE 1850 372 835
11.07.2010 01:10 #2
Not sure about verification, but it is handy for texting customers when accounts fall due, as well as contact info when Networks need to visit, for whatever reason.
11.07.2010 13:35 #3
Registered User
I think it is a useful reminder of the phone number a particular customer supplied at some stage and it affords him/her the opportunity of changing it if it is no longer valid.

Some applicants for supply may have supplied a parent's number for instance pending the allocation of their own land-line. Or, mobile numbers may have changed over the years. The bill notification allows us to make changes, where relevant.

A very worthwhile initiative, in my view.


12.07.2010 11:56 #4
Hi Davy,

Your guesses would be correct, as is the additional information provided by RoundyMooney and Fnergg. Having an up-to-date contact number on an account is part of our account security protocol, and can also help us locate the customer (on system, that is :)) if they don't have their account number to hand, for instance.

In the case of a mobile, text message reminders serve to cut down on paper-related costs and are indeed a 'handy' means of contact to some customers. Recently I dealt with a query for a deaf customer, who found the service very useful.

As I heard someone say recently, people change their mobiles like they change their socks these days, so this inevitably increases the likelihood that a significant portion of the numbers we keep on system will be in need of updating/regular verification. One way to address this is to make it clear on the bill itself which number we have on file for the bill holder, and, as Fnerrg pointed out, it then gives the customer a chance to change it if it is no longer valid.

If you have any more questions I'll be happy to help,


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