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Boards Deals Forum Charter *** please read before posting *** (updated 21/03/'12)

06.07.2010 15:44 #1
Hello there and welcome to the Boards Deals discussion forum where we’re inviting you to discuss the Deals you see on the Boards Deals site.

We’re also extremely interested to know what sort of Deals for products and services you’d like to see on Boards Deals – let us know your wish list and we’ll try our best!

Questions will be answered between 10am and 12pm Tuesday to Thursday by one of the team. They are:
Usual forum rules apply:
  • All the guidelines apply
  • This forum is for discussions about the Deals you see on the Boards Deals site, about the Boards Deals concept and about the service we provide. It’s also for discussions on future Deal ideas.
  • If you have run into difficulty when trying to use a Boards Deal voucher please contact us at and we’ll do our best to sort it out.
  • This forum is not for discussing your experiences with particular Merchants. Please use the Boards Deals Experiences forum if you'd like to give feedback on a particular deal you purchased.
  • Please don't mess around in here; this forum is for genuine discussions about Boards Deals. We will delete your posts if they're not relevant or if it seems you just want to make trouble.
  • Don't advertise your stuff without asking, please. If you have an event, an offer or a competition that you'd like to run, please drop us a line at If you think your business would be a good fit for Boards Deals please contact us at
  • We may move your thread to a more appropriate forum if necessary – particularly if it’s not directly related to a Deal – but we'll let you know we've done it.

That’s it! Thanks for your interest in Boards Deals and have fun.

If you have any issues, please contact and we'll do our best to resolve them for you.
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