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Taking over ESB in property with deceased former owner.

28.06.2010 13:25 #1

My partner has just bought a house (yay). The previous owner (who passed away), had an ESB account. We are now trying really hard to get the ESB put into our name, however the sticking point with ESB customer service seems to be the MPRN number. We don't know what it is as we don't have a bill.

Is there anyway of getting a hold of this magical number so that we can go ahead and get set up?
If not, can we just set up a new service?
If so, is there a connection fee/contract with this?

Any assistance would be appreciated, we're going a bit ape because we have a well on the property and if the power gets cut off, so does the pump!


28.06.2010 14:07 #2
Hi Ratri,

No problem. The most straightforward way to unearth that magical number would be to contact us with the full address of the property.

Failing that (as sometimes addresses, particularly those in rural areas, can be difficult to locate on our system with certainty), we would require the serial number of the meter on site. This is the most secure option, and it would rule out the possibility of you being registered to the incorrect property. :eek: Not what you want.

The following link shows you where you can locate this number, and it also explains how to read your meter. A meter reading is an important part of setting up your new account (see our new customer signup advice for further information).

There won't be any connection fee (as the power is still on), but if this is your first ESB account there would be a security deposit requirement of €300. However, if you were to set up on direct debit, no such fee would apply.

If you PM me when you find your meter serial number, I will take it from there.


28.06.2010 20:24 #3
Hi David,

Thanks very much for your advice. We found the serial number and rang while we were in the house. We eventually found it on your system (Debbie was lovely, but the house is slightly in the middle of nowhere), and got ourselves all sorted out.

Appreciate your help :)

29.06.2010 10:08 #4
Hi Ratri,

That's great, glad you got sorted. I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Debbie. :)

Best of luck with your new home,


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