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ESB Customer Supply Online Billing

21.06.2010 10:34 #1
Hi Everyone,

Our online billing service might be of interest to our fellow boardsies.

Essentially, instead of receiving a bill by post, we'll email you to let you know your bill is ready to view online.

There's other functionality too - you can monitor your electricity usage, securely store old bills and request an updated bill at any time etc.

We're running a promotion at the moment - if you sign-up in the next few weeks, you'll get 2 months worth of free Screenclick DVD movie rentals. You can find out more and register here.

Many thanks
22.06.2010 11:16 #2
Registered User
Once you go to online billing, is it possible to get a paper bill issued if needed (for proof of address etc), and if so are you charged for it?
22.06.2010 11:35 #3
Hi Wench,

We can issue you a paper copy of your bill at any stage, should you need one, and there will be no charge for it.

Also, our Online bills are produced in .pdf format, so you can easily print them out yourself at home should you need a paper copy.

Many thanks
1 thank
22.06.2010 13:16 #4
Registered User
will you be giving a discount for paperless billing like airtricity does?

If not, why not?
22.06.2010 13:46 #5
Hi Cookie_Monster,

Our electricity prices are reviewed, set and agreed with the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). We are not allowed discount from that rate; other suppliers are allowed offer discounts.

The CER has decided that ESB will be fully deregulated for business customers from 1st October 2010 and for residential customers when ESB’s market share reduces by 40%.

We are looking forward to competing as a fully deregulated supplier. At this point we cannot make any specific comments regarding future electricity prices or discounts.

Many thanks
1 thank
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