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ESB meter reading

18.06.2010 16:14 #1
Registered User
I've given a meter reading closing off an account and i owe them 6OO euros, all the bills had been estimated

however housemate says he gave them a meter reading when we first started the account.

does one need to give meter readings at different intervals

or is it when u start an account and close it off?
18.06.2010 22:29 #2
Registered User
just open and close this will ensure that you only pay for what you use.
21.06.2010 10:22 #3
Hi Placebo,

When you open an account, we will only charge you from the opening meter reading you provide. In turn, when you contact us to close your account, we will charge you up to the closing reading you provide.

This ensures that you only pay for the electricity you used at the property when you are registered there.

Over a 12 month period you can expect to receive 6 bills, so one every two months. The meter reader will aim to take a reading from your meter for 4 out of these 6 bills. The other two will always be estimated.

If there are access difficulties, you may have received more estimated bills than is usual.

If you receive a bill with the letter 'E' next to your reading, it is estimated. If you take a reading from your meter, you can submit it online here, or contact us, on 1850 33 77 77 we will issue you a corrected bill.

In future, if you receive an estimated bill and you notice a large difference, for instance, greater than 150 units, it is best to contact us with a reading and we will send you a corrected bill.

If you have any other questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks
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