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Esb power surge compensation?

18.06.2010 10:56 #1
Are the ESB liable for damage to appliances within the home due to power cuts, LCD went dead after power cut, I wrote to ESB network local office and was told that they are not under the their charter although I have seen reports that they are.
18.06.2010 12:01 #2
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1 thank
18.06.2010 12:25 #3
Hi Wastewater,

I'm sorry to hear your appliances suffered damage due to power failures/surges. I'm not in a position to comment on the charter of ESB Networks, as this forum is for ESB Customer Supply only. I could offer you some general advice though. Have you tried emailing them, or visiting their website for further information?

From a safety point of view I would recommend you have surge protectors installed, to protect both yourself and any sensitive equipment you own. For general safety tips and advice, click here.

I hope this information has been of some help.


18.06.2010 12:28 #4
I bought surge protectors yesterday, I emailed them and I await a reply
18.06.2010 12:35 #5
Hi Wastewater,

You're way ahead of me..! I hope you get a prompt reply and some satisfaction.

Has your house insurance provider been of any help?
18.06.2010 12:44 #6
I can claim less the excess, although i am loathed to claim on my insurance when I believe I know who should be liable.
18.06.2010 12:51 #7
Hi wastewater,

I regret that I can't be of more assistance to you in this matter.

If you have any billing related queries/questions, I will be happy to help you out.

All the best,

18.06.2010 13:09 #8
18.06.2010 15:17 #9
Registered User
What day did the surge happen??
18.06.2010 15:36 #10
last saturday evening, I am at the of a line with another house about 30 poles to the next, the whole village was out for about an hour
24.06.2010 10:48 #11
I know from previous experience that ESB Networks will accept responsibility for appliance damage caused by a power surge IF/WHERE it is clearly arising from some action taken by them (e.g. men working on the line and a surge is caused by some action of the workers).

If your situation is as a result of a natural fault then they will not compensate.
24.06.2010 12:42 #12
Thanks for the info, a power cut on a saturday night sounds like a fault, just happened I had a voltage drop for about 5 mins, it tripped the rcd first and then the voltage dropped, lights brown, microwave washing machine etc not working properly, ok know, rang esb and they are installing a voltage logger
24.06.2010 13:02 #13
Hi Wastewater,

I'm glad to hear your query is being looked into.

For anyone else who might be browsing this thread, I was on the ESB Networks website this morning looking for related links, and I thought the following might be of some use:

- Charges, policies and procedures

- What to do if there is a power cut

- Voltage problems

And thanks, I.K. Brunel, for your post as well.

All the best,

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