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Welcome to the ESB Customer Supply forum

17.06.2010 11:31 #46
Howdy Folks,
Welcome to boards
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:34 #47
It's great to have representatives from ESB on now! I think it's fantastic and will make my dealings with the ESB much more accessible!
A brilliant idea!:)
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:35 #48
Registered User
welcome along...good to have someone here to help with any problems!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:37 #49
Great idea - welcome!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:39 #50
Registered User
Welcome to boards, great to see companies interacting with their customers.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:42 #51
Love your electricity, use it all the time.

Looking forward to reduced prices when the market is freed up next year and you are free to set the price of your own electricity yourselves.

Speaking of open competition...
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:43 #52
Registered User
Great idea..... Welcome
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:44 #53
Registered User
Welcome to Boards!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:47 #54
On the one hand I hope I won't have any reasons to contact them :rolleyes:

But if I do I'll be sure to come and have a look here first!

Welcome ESB guys and best of luck!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:48 #55
Category Moderator
This is one thing you can beat airtricity and bord gáis with :D
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:50 #56
Registered User
Good stuff, welcome to Boards.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:50 #57
welcome :) hopefully you won't be in too many situations where sparks fly ;)
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:51 #58
I'd love to enter this comp :)

1 thank
17.06.2010 11:52 #59
Registered User
Hi and welcome!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:52 #60
1 thank
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