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Welcome to the ESB Customer Supply forum

17.06.2010 10:57 #31
1 thank
17.06.2010 10:57 #32
Welcome folks. Always a good sign to see companies joining forums like this.
1 thank
17.06.2010 10:58 #33
Registered User
Welcome :D
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:01 #34
Good to see these forums taking off.
Welcome aboard.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:08 #35
Registered User
Good idea, welcome
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:10 #36
Registered User
Welcome to the Boards arena ESB.

I hope you will be able to brighten up many people lives with the help you will provide.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:11 #37
Registered User
Welcome, good to see a company willing to engage with it's customers which is lacking with a lot of companies. Customer service is generally appalling in this country so all improvements are to be welcomed.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:17 #38
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:18 #39
This post has been deleted.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:18 #40
Registered User
In for the Compo (for what it's worth it great to see ESB getting on boards, long may it last)
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:18 #41
Registered User
welcome to boards, always good to see big companies coming on board
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:21 #42
Excellent, great idea.
Nice addition to your customer services development.
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:22 #43
Many thanks for all the welcomes!

We will of course be delighted to help anyone who has any queries, be it in relation to their own ESB account, or in relation to ESB Customer Supply more generally.

Please don't use this particular thread for any ESB related questions - as Darragh said earlier, use the forum provided. Your queries and questions deserve their own dedicated threads.

Again, thanks, and talk to you again,

3 thanks
17.06.2010 11:22 #44
Always a good idea, since ive been on the phone to Eircom for ages on hold in the past. always been helpful staff though!
1 thank
17.06.2010 11:24 #45
Registered User
Great idea! Good to use for helping people with their queries!
1 thank
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