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Welcome to the ESB Customer Supply forum

17.06.2010 10:46 #16
The best of luck with your new Customer forum, I support anything that helps improve things for the average customer..:D

I do have a question for you, with the deregulation and the entry of competitors into the market, when will YOU as a company be able to match the prices currently that they are offering???:rolleyes:
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17.06.2010 10:47 #17
Looking forward to some good interaction from the ESB folk. If you need any day-to-day assistance with managing the forum, then please get in touch with myself or jor el.
2 thanks
17.06.2010 10:47 #18
Registered User
Hello and welcome,
Nice to see a company actively trying to improve its customer service.
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17.06.2010 10:47 #19
Registered User
Ahoy there!
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17.06.2010 10:47 #20
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17.06.2010 10:49 #21
Welcome to
Good to see that ESB is going to utilise these forum's to connect to their customers, its a great idea and has worked for other companies.
Good luck and welcome abroad :)
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17.06.2010 10:50 #22
Registered User
Hello Esb people!
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17.06.2010 10:51 #23
hopefully more company’s follow your example, becoming more a part of the community
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17.06.2010 10:52 #24
Hi people should be a good one, Welcome
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17.06.2010 10:53 #25
Welcome to boards.
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17.06.2010 10:54 #26
Registered User
Good Morning and welcome..
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17.06.2010 10:54 #27
Registered User
It's actually a great idea! Hope I win the competition! :D
1 thank
17.06.2010 10:55 #28
Registered User
Welcome to boards,

pick me, pick me, pick me....:)
1 thank
17.06.2010 10:56 #29
Thanks everyone!

I hope David, Myself and the others will be able to help you out with any queries you have about your electricity accounts.

Many thanks
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17.06.2010 10:56 #30
Welcome, I use electricity.:)
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