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10.12.2009 12:40 #1
Good afternoon all, hope you’re feeling up to a bit of a challenge ;)

In the same vein as our recent topic on building your own PC for under €1,200, we asked Ryan to build us as nice a PC as possible for under the €500 mark… then we rushed him a bit, so there’d be space for improvement ;)

The way the competition works is that you guys can go and take a look at the build that Ryan managed to put together over at our blog:


Then you guys can see if you can do something more impressive using parts from our site for under the €500 mark. It’s not too mad a proposition, and I’ll be sitting down with Shelton and Ryan to judge the winner, who hopefully will have put together something really impressive on so tight a budget ;)

I’ll add some rules to the end of this post just so we can be all above-board and legal, but for the most part all you need to know is that you can hit up our site, build a shopping list out of parts totalling less than €500.

The prize, for those of you who are ambitious enough to already be wringing your hands in super villain-style glee, is a Gainward GeForce 9600GT Green Edition, which would be a solid compliment to any budget machine, if you’re considering building one. That and, there’s no such thing as having too many graphics cards lying around… not really.

Anyway, good luck all, we’re hoping to see some interesting builds, I’ve attached some very quick rules as bullet points to the end of this post, just so we can get everything sorted from the beginning :D

Brief Rules:

1. Builds must be under €500
2. Builds include everything in the box, but no peripherals (keyboard, mouse, display, etc.) are required unless you'd like to make a point of it
3. Must be a functional machine, all parts should actually match (socket types, RAM, etc.)
4. The competition will be judged by the Komplett.ie RMA staff; judges’ decisions are final and can’t be appealed except for fun
5. Points will be awarded for the most impressive machine built under budget and likely for any really audacious builds, because we’re only human
6. All of the parts in your build have to be from the Komplett.ie page, as much for organisational reasons as anything else
7. All entrants must be from inside the Republic of Ireland
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10.12.2009 12:43 #2
Registered User
Should it include the case - power supply and delivery?
10.12.2009 12:44 #3
Yes indeed, case and power supply, but not delivery :)
10.12.2009 12:57 #4
Registered User
You're missing out on the obvious prize here :(
1 thank
10.12.2009 13:02 #5
Can i enter too Marc?

pleeease :)
10.12.2009 13:15 #6
10.12.2009 13:38 #7
Registered User
An excellent build, if I do say so myself:



Gaming, graphics, video whatever you like. And futureproof.
10.12.2009 13:45 #8
Strange, it's listing it as empty, can you just give us a list? I'm curious to see what you've managed so far ;)
10.12.2009 13:53 #9
Registered User
Sorry, I think I posted the wrong link!

Here it is (hopefully!):
10.12.2009 13:59 #10
Excellent, very impressive :D I love that you fit in the Day Breaker as the hard drive and shaved off just enough to keep in budget too, you unadulterated hero :P
10.12.2009 14:00 #11
Registered User
Originally posted by Komplett (Marc)
Excellent, very impressive :D I love that you fit in the Day Breaker as the hard drive and shaved off just enough to keep in budget too, you unadulterated hero :P


If its on Komplett it counts!

Its the PSU, RAM & GFX that really do it for me in that build. Need a decent PSU, never skimp!
10.12.2009 14:06 #12
Registered User
Closing date?
10.12.2009 14:23 #13
Registered User
And do we need an OS?
10.12.2009 14:27 #14
Registered User
Originally posted by Messerschmitt
And do we need an OS?

No OS required, just a fully functional PC, with all the bits needed, from case inwards (no peripherals like mouse, Kb or screen required).
10.12.2009 14:40 #15
Two very nice and different builds.

I love the wireless card in one build. and the second one has a fair bit of grunt for a pc of that price.

Keep it up lads.
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