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Flash firmware on Vodafone branded Huawei HG556a

02.12.2009 18:23 #76
Originally posted by Vodafone (Paul)
PMs sent guys.


PM received! Thanks Paul!
02.12.2009 19:01 #77
Registered User
Hi guys, been following this post the last few days..have to give props to Paul the vodafone rep for sorting this one out, had come to the brink of forking out for a new router but glad i waited now. If anyone by chance comes across this post today could they PM me on the login details as i assume Paul is finished for the day..cheers!
02.12.2009 19:08 #78
Registered User
If someone could PM me the password aswell, that would be great.
02.12.2009 19:23 #79
lol !!!
VF-EShg556 ..... ES stands for espanol - spain , so irish should be IR ... thats the difference in password hahaha , i was so blind !!!!!!!
02.12.2009 19:24 #80
02.12.2009 20:03 #81
flashed..... nothing happened . still same issues , pages not loading , pictures not loading , refreshing boards.ie takes ages .....
im gonna replace this crap....
02.12.2009 20:07 #82
Registered User
I noticed that the DNS test was failing on my modem. I wonder would changing the DNS entries to opendns make any difference?
02.12.2009 22:03 #83
Originally posted by FatBeard
I noticed that the DNS test was failing on my modem. I wonder would changing the DNS entries to opendns make any difference?

tried changing the DNS to open DNS but no difference in speed for pages and pictures loading
02.12.2009 23:00 #84
Registered User
Originally posted by foggy_lad
tried changing the DNS to open DNS but no difference in speed for pages and pictures loading

Ya, no luck on this side either.
03.12.2009 00:11 #85
Can someone who has already been in touch with Huawei ask them for the older firmware? I still haven't got a reply from Huawei to my email!

On a side note, I was looking at the specs of the HG556 and the HG520. The HG556 seems identical to the HG556a. Currently I am looking for the firmware of the HG556 as it should be generic. That will either brick the router or give me more control! If you look at the other Huawei home gateways, most of them use the same firmware or at least the name is the same!

I will research into this a bit more and see if it is actually possible to flash it with the Huawei firmware instead of the vodafone one. I am hoping it is not much of a problem provided at least the ram and flash memory of the HG556a is the same as the 556 if not more. We will aslo need the documentation of the firmware - Gateway address, admin login etc. So as of now it is a bit dangerous.

Btw I am not responsible if someone tries to brick their home gateway. All that I said above is logical and in no way can I back it up at the moment.
04.12.2009 20:19 #86
aloha !!! well , i spent a while playin with hg556a .... and ? the only thing that makes this modem work is .... hard restart every 15 min .... how pathetic is that ? im swaping modem to my old featureless trustworthy bt one until huawei will release firmware update ( that adress mentioned issues ) . i was also thinking about replacing it with bewan modem ( that one got usb ports as well ) . it seems that at least bewan is working as it supposed to . oh , by the way - vodafone dont have instruction manual for it neither ..... stay tuned
05.12.2009 09:56 #87
Few important settings to be changed in order to turn this brick into a great device ;) Worked for me just fine...

In management settings:
Turn off TR-069 Client (kill the secret spy and no more big brother job);
Turn off SNTP automatic time synch (I believe this will help to prevents against timeouts);
Turn off SNMP Agent (unless you need this diagnostic service);
I heve killed all automatic system logs (really don't need this);

In advanced wireless tab:
Setting fixed channel prevents distruptions and signal losses (channel 1 works for me just ok);
Bandwith set to 40MHz (more=better);

In advanced setup:
Security DOS settings to full (better security against DOS attacks, analizing router logs I have realised it occurs often and distrupt service);
Kill quality of service unless you really need it (with approx two computers in the household it is useless and you will notice big difference);
Change DNS servers to yours favourite, unless you like eircoms/vodafones ones, I think it is obvious, open dns is just fine;
Igmp proxy off...
In DSL tab all enabled (not sure if our ips support SRA but connection seems to work better, anyway it does no harm;

That's it, hopefully it will help you all....

One more thing, if connecting USB ext drive, make sure it uses FAT32 files system and use ftp when copying bigger files to it ;)
05.12.2009 22:28 #88
Has anyone tried to telnet the router? Does the current software version support Telnet configuration? If so what is the username and password?
05.12.2009 23:19 #89
aloha !
my hg556a is back where it came from - in dark box lol . end of the story .
got old bt modem , enjoing flawless internet connection ( well , apart from evenings slow-downs haha , but thats the traffic )
now waiting for new firmware and instruction manual
only fat32 ? what a nonsense !!! what i supposed to do with my 1T hdd full of data stored in ntfs ?!?
on the positive side of this story is Paul from vodafone , who actually did give a damn and helped us out . thanx
06.12.2009 08:45 #90
Has anyone managed to set up a printer on the HG556a?

I have been trying but with no success. In the basic setup page (x1) appears on the printer icon but after that, setting it up as I normally would doesnt work. I have looked through the admin menu via telnet but I cant see anything obvious.:mad: I cant believe Vodafone shipped this without a manual.
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