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Flash firmware on Vodafone branded Huawei HG556a

05.11.2009 14:58 #1
Registered User
Does anyone know if there's firmware around which can be used to flash the home gateway to unlock some more advanced features?


05.11.2009 15:13 #2
05.11.2009 21:40 #3
Unfortunately I have tried for a few days now to try and get firmware for it.....vodafone do not even have proper instructions for the product yet and one vodafone employee called "rory" from data support team told me it might be available sometime but to be honest he was doing his best to get me off the phone as he didn't have a clue!!! lol...I called back and a very helpful vodafone employee called Gavan (again from data support) looked everywhere he could for info on the product!!! but to no avail..I contacted Huawei for any software/Instructions etc and am awaiting feedback....If I get any info from them I will let you know.....
p.s. the huawei website has no real info on it!!!!

2 thanks
15.11.2009 16:00 #4
Any update to this? Or how do you change the DNS on the router? I wanted to add the openDNS IP address but can't find an option anywhere! This is the worst router I have come across, you won't be able to use it if you move to some other provider simply because they don't even allow you to setup a connection. The router in itself is very good but typical vodafone to limit the capabilities by using some rubbish firmware same as they do with mobiles.
15.11.2009 21:35 #5
Registered User
I haven't found anymore about it - although I looked through the packaging again and there's a GPL leaflet so technically the source should be freely available? ''This product contains code that is covered by the.. GPL.."...
16.11.2009 20:34 #6
Hi Folks

Huawei came back to me today with the email below. They attached a pdf with product description and features but unfortunately vodafone have basically everything disabled so the information is not useful..... :mad:


Thanks for your email. you can visit our website to find more product information.
and please direct pick up the Product Description attached.

With regard to the firmware, Thanks to it was high customized by ISP.
So we had provide it to ISP and you can contact with your ISP for it. Many thanks for your understanding.

Best regards!

Huawei Terminal Service - European Service Team
16.11.2009 20:39 #7
I had guessed that before! Its vodafone we are dealing with after all! :mad:

Mods - why was this moved to midband? I thought VAH was broadband? Can you move it to the Talk To Vodafone forum? maybe we will get a better response there.
17.11.2009 01:18 #8
your barking up the wrong tree talking to vodafone they dont have a clue about this model.

best place to find information is to search forms for echolife hg520i
I found out more helpfull information on setting up the router and tweaks than vodafone could.

Its a pain but vodafone are simply shipping this out without having the technical ability to support it. My answer is to switch back to my previous isp router vodafone wont offer supprt on it but they cant offer supprt on there own one so I will be no worse off than now.
17.11.2009 13:29 #9
Registered User
I've mailed them as the leaflet explicitly states that the source code is available on request as its under GPL. Will post back to thread when I get something back :-)
18.11.2009 12:58 #10
I posted a link to this thread in the vodafone forum as no mod is willing to move this. Lets see if we get an answer there. I've been told that the vodafone forum is the best place to get answers for vodafone products and services!
19.11.2009 19:34 #11
Registered User
Any luck with the firmware I'v been searching high and low for it and can't find it
19.11.2009 20:13 #12
Registered User
I emailed them asking for the gpl-d source and received a response yesterday telling me they'd get back to me..
19.11.2009 20:36 #13
Registered User
Thats good news hopefilly we will get somethig soon
20.11.2009 12:47 #14
I doubt we will get anything out of this. Huawei can tell you the technical specifications but when it comes to firmware they said it is highly customized by vodafone and they don't know anything about it and I should contact the provided. The provider says "The Huawei is on of the best routers we are currently sending out, better than the BeWan or Zyxel", ask for the firmware or how to do anything and the reply is either "I'm sorry I am unable to help you asI am from the customer services department but I will forward your request to the concerned department" or they pretend to be looking for something and come back saying "sorry, I am unable to find it now but we should have it soon".

The Huawei is really a load of rubbish! Its supposed to be good but vodafone crippled it with their firmware. Seems Vodafone Italy too are sending out the Huawei for a very long time so this isn't exactly new for them to say that its just out so it will take time. so I doubt we will get an answer to anything...
20.11.2009 12:56 #15
Registered User
By law Huawei have to release the source code if it uses GPL based code - which it does since they included a leaflet in the box instructing anyone who wants the code to contact them! I'm not looking for Vodafone's firmware I'm looking for Huawei's. So it doesn't matter what the response from Vodafone is :-)

Quote: "
This product contains code that is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL). In accordance with the GPL, if you would like a copy of the GPL source code contained in this product shipped to you on CD, for a charge no more that the cost of preparing and mailing a CD to you please contact

For further information on the GNU GPL Code, please visit the GNU Project home page

If anyone else wants to contact them and request it you can email


Can a MOD move this to the correct forum!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a broadband thread not midband mobile. Please.
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