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No reply to custom tradein request?

14.06.2009 14:47 #1
It was very early this week or last week (I honestly can't remember) when I requested a price for a tradein for a game not listed on the trade in section of your website.

I've yet to receive any reply.

Is there delays with this process at the moment or did mine skip past you somewhere?

14.06.2009 15:29 #2
Verified representative
Hi Random,

They are generally turned around within 24 hours. If you could let me know the game in question or pm me your email address so I can check it out for you. It's worth checking your spam folder in case a mail from us went there - this has happened before.
14.06.2009 15:43 #3
Verified representative
Sorry Random,

I had your email address from a previous correspondance. We received a request on the 4th June for the club on PS3. It is marked as being processed by the lads who look after the trade in the morning after ( 5th June ) I will need to investigate further if the email did not get to you.

The current value of the club isn't that great to be honest - €4.35 including the postal allowance.
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