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July Release Dates

11.06.2009 15:50 #1
Verified representative
It's a compilation list of July releases and RRP's we received from the distributors / publishers. These release dates are and may already have been subject to change so don't take them as gospel. We will update if we hear of any titles slipping. Again I had to post this as an image to get it to display properly so apologies for those on 56k.

Also for anyone interested in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 it is this months "more the merrier offer".

17.07.2009 23:10 #2
What about setting up a "release dates" sticky you can update each month? We can subscribe to it then so we get told when there's updates? :)
18.07.2009 11:01 #3
Verified representative
That's a good idea. We will have the August one stickied and use that for all the following updates.
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