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Gamestop and pre-owned PS2 games.

27.05.2009 18:48 #1
The prices of your pre-owned PS2 games look higher than what Gamestop sell them for in their shop. I know that Gamestop give pennies when trading but I got Sonic Gems collection for €4 and you've got a price of €15 on the site. :)
27.05.2009 19:25 #2
Verified representative
Hi Alan,

Thanks for the feedback - the retail prices of the pre owned games are set at the time of the trade in so in this case Sonic Gems was classified as a top PS2 title and trade in credit was given based on this retail price. It would have been around €7.50 credit given plus postage etc bringing it closer to €9.00 credit a good bit more than the €4.00 you bought it for.

These prices are reviewed periodically - the longer a game is sitting there the more reviews the price may get so I will stick this one down for review. From a quick glance they are selling pre owned from €14.19 - €22.99 on play.coms playtrade pages but as low as £5.00 sterling on so it's fair to say we're a bit high versus Amazon and indeed Gamestop at €4.00.

In fact our current trade in value is €3.50 which would be retailing around €7.99 so I'd expect the price to be reviewed downwards alright.

For what it's worth we would not be in a positon to retail a pre owned PS2 game for €4.00 because we pay postage allowances on all games and then the retail price includes postage back out which puts our cheapest PS2 games at €4.99. Even then we could only be offering a fairly poor 25 cent or similar trade in credit for it :D We're actually seeing the value of pre owned PS2 games drop that much that it's coming close to becoming unviable to trade them at all.
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27.05.2009 20:07 #3
Are you saying you'd give €3.50 trade in (against something else) for that Sonic Gems ?
I doubt Gamestop would give that actually. It was just one that I saw on the site but was surprised to get it for 4 quid in Gamestop. It's odd though, they've a few pre-owned PS2 titles at about a tener (Midway Arcade Treasures and Silent Scope 3 spring to mind), they've literally 100s of sports (mainly soccer) games at about 2quid and then in the €4-5 range it's hit and miss if you find anything decent enough to pick up.

Is there a secret list of "rare" PS2 games somewhere ? Someone said to me that a game called Sniper Elite is rare and true enough if you look at the playtrade/amazon/ebay comparisons it's usually up for around €20 give or take a fiver.

It's odd that you said you'd stop trading in pre-owned PS2 games because I'm sure soon enough they'll all become "rare" and retro.
27.05.2009 21:11 #4
Verified representative
You'd get €3.50 plus your postage paid to get it to us. Here's a linky for you to our trade in page for it.

Direct Link to trade in calculator

As for rare games - ICO, ICO 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Rez, We love Katamari are a few for your list.

It's not that we will completely stop trading them in but there are some titles already that we just can't accept - likes of older sports games Fifas, Pro Evos etc that are going for €2.00 in the high street just don't add up for us to pay postage costs either way as they're worth less than this.
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29.05.2009 20:43 #5
Thanks. Most of Gamestop's pre-owned games are just football ones anyway! Pretty hard to find anything decent and worth playing as I think the staff get first pick on everything.
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