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11.12.2012 13:13 #31
Registered User
Yes they are.

Any clues as to why you would think they weren't?
11.12.2012 13:44 #32
Registered User
I sent a couple of emails for prices of trade ins and got no reply:-(
11.12.2012 14:00 #33
Registered User
Weekends and Mondays can be a bit patchy as that's when they take their time off. I'm sure they'll be in touch soon.
2 thanks
11.12.2012 14:05 #34
Registered User
No worries, They're probably on the XBOX!!! Just didn't want to be waiting for an answer that was never gonna come.. Cheers.
11.12.2012 14:44 #35
Verified representative
Hello Justwinginit

To the best of my knowlege all trade in quotes are up to date - would you mind dropping me a PM with your email address and I can investigate for you. Either we're not getting yours or you are not getting our replies. :)
11.12.2012 15:26 #36
Registered User
Hi Pat,

PM'd you my email address with copy of what I sent. I probably sent to wrong address or something...
11.12.2012 15:29 #37
Registered User
By the way, I got the Welcome to Gamesnash email reply when I signed up on the 5th Dec.
11.12.2012 16:17 #38
Registered User
Yep, got the Xbox finger syndrome and put my email down wrong!! DOH. All sorted..

Thanks Pat..
20.03.2013 10:24 #39
Registered User
Can anyone at Gamesnash PM me? I've sent a couple of emails and Pm's and no response, thanks:cool:
06.04.2013 12:53 #40
Registered User
Originally posted by Justwinginit
Can anyone at Gamesnash PM me? I've sent a couple of emails and Pm's and no response, thanks

Thanks Pat, email trouble seems to be sorted, now I'm off to spend my MS Points:D
24.06.2014 13:49 #41
Registered User
Is gamesnash totally gone now?
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