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14.05.2009 15:24 #1

Please take note of the following and be aware of the purpose of this forum.

Please note that Richersounds is a cross-border company with offices in Dublin and Belfast. It an absolute rule within the company to employ Colleagues from every community and never to discuss politics or religion. There is a strict rule to avoid ANY political commentary in the company, or in any of their forms of communication. Richersounds just want to sell TV and hi-fi with excellent service to their customers.

Accordingly, political or religious commentary, intervention or discussion is absolutely forbidden on this forum - any posts of this nature will be deleted without notice and should be regarded as a banning offence.

Please note that this forum is for interraction with Richersounds. References to other retailers are not appropriate here, other than if you're directly and genuinely asking for a price-match from Richersounds.

  • If you see a bargain from another retailer, feel free to bring it to Bargain Alerts, if you want to comment on service etc. or discuss "where" to get "what" etc, feel free to start a thread in the Home Entertainment forum.

  • Please note that this forum is not the place for arranging used buys/sales/swaps etc. If you want to dispose of older gear that you're replacing, or if you are looking for used equipment, feel free to place a For Sale or Wanted ad on, the Boards sister site for buying and selling stuff.

  • As a general principle, if you're not asking Richersounds for a quote/information/involved in a deal here, it's usually best to proceed with caution. A more judicious approach to interventions and expressing opinions is needed here than would otherwise prevail in a general discussion area, such as the Home Entertainment Forums.

  • If you see a post which is looking for a quote or advice from RS, please resist the urge to offer your opinion. Such queries are not an open invitation for posters to make suggestions etc, these queries should be left to RS to answer. If queries or requests for quotes attracted everyone's opinion, the forum would be unworkable. This is not intended to prevent the usual chat and banter which you will regularly see on the RS forum.

  • If you have an opinion on some matter related to the items that Richersounds sells, or you wish to give people the benefit of your advice on some related issue, Please do not post it in this forum. There are other fora on Boards in the Tech section on Home Entertainment or TV related topics, or in the Consumer fora, which are suitable locations for endowing Boardies with the benefit of any advice or opinion you wish to offer. Bearing in mind the purpose of this forum, posts along the lines described here are not appropriate and will be suitably snipped or deleted without warning. This approach is taken to ensure the workability of this particular forum and to ensure that general advice and discursive posts are made in the appropriate forum. This is not intended to prevent the usual chat and banter which you will regularly see on the RS forum.

  • Posters are requested to keep links to third party sites to a minimum. Using a link to another site when seeking a price-match or when asking for a very similar item are perfectly acceptable, but otherwise posters are requested to try to avoid posting links to other sites unnecessarily, and are requested not to use this site to promote links to sites with which they are associated. This request is in line with the commercial nature of this forum as a location unsuited to promoting other interests.

  • Please do not make comments about other retailers when posting on this forum ! . Comments such as "XYZ shop are very expensive" or "ABC are hopeless for delivery" or "ERT have desperate customer service" or any other comment about another retailer are not allowed on this forum and will be removed without notice. If you are asking for a price-match, please state the model and price of the item and the name of the retailer selling it withour passing any other comment on the retailer in question.

    To Emphasise this and make sure there is no misunderstand about how seriously this is viewed, below is a quote from a post by a John McDonald, MD of Richersounds (edited to remove thread specific reference):


    One thing as a retailer that we NEVER do, online, in-store or personally, is to knock other retailers - in particular I really do not want to see any references to other retailers in this forum - as many of you will appreciate we have NO EDITORIAL control over what you guys write here and we cannot delete it - we depend on the Boards volunteer moderators to edit as they see fit and we have worked alongside The Ritz as our main mod for many years really well - and if he sees fit to snip or delete a comment we will always agree with his judgement.

    So please - Edit - keep any references to, or opinions about, other retailers out of this public forum - by all means PM or email me anything to either my personal mail - or our general mail but keep any other references to alternative forums across Boards.

    What you can of course post is pricing and availability information from other retailers on our forum if you are looking for a price or price beat - we are always happy to see any factual info as it keeps us sharp :)

    As ever drop me a line if I can assist in any way,


    John Mc & Crew

  • Please do not ask for advice relating to methods of obtaining TV or other media without paying subscription (or permissions from) the rightsholder - this includes but is not limited to certain Android Apps, Kodi Addons, certain IPTV services etc. These services are not offered by Richersounds and the topic is not welcome here.

  • This forum is for interraction between Boardsies and Richersounds. Occasional misplaced attempts to be helpful are understandable, but posts which are inappropriate in the context of this notice will be snipped or deleted without notice. If you wish to give advice in response to queries, make suggestions etc, then there are plenty of queries and discussions in the Home Entertainment Forums, where your contribution will be very welcome.

  • Please do not "bump" your thread within 24 hours of posting your original query. While enquiries are usually answered promptly, from time to time it may take a little longer than usual for someone to reply to a post here. Bumping your thread doesn't make a reply happen any more quickly. (In case you are unfamiliar with the term, "Bumping" means posting again on your own thread solely for the purpose of bringing it to the top of the forum in order to attract attention to your query).

  • Please do not "resurrect" old threads. If you have a query/are looking for a quote on an item that has been on sale/offered in the past, please do not post on the old thread (ie there has been no activity on the old thread for about a month) - feel free to open a new thread for your own query, you can include a link to the old thread for information if necessary but a new thread for your query is likely to be spotted more easily than a post on an old thread.

  • Please do not post your query in more than one thread on the forum. If you add a post to an existing thread saying "I'd like a quote for XYZ too", that's fine, but please don't also open a thread of your own with the same request, or vice versa. This simply leads to confusion for the person responding to your query.

  • Please do not post personal contact details on the forum - Please do not post personal contact details such as your phone number or email address here - this is an open internet forum and you have no idea who is seeing your phone number or email address or who might use it for nuisance purposes/whatever.

    RIchersounds personnel will respond to you query on the forum, if you want to pass your contact details please do it by Private Message or send an email.

Bearing in mind the general purpose of the Forum as described above, from time to time it is appropriate to move threads or posts to a more suitable venue - usually the Home Entertainment Forums. This is a routine moderation task so please do not think that you or your post is being "singled out".

Matters before the Courts

Do not make any reference to any matter before the courts, civil or criminal, on this forum. Any such references have the potential to be regarded as contempt of court and/or to undermine a case in the Courts and have very serious consequences.

Unsolicited Messages

If you have posted a query/request for a quote on the Richersounds Forum and you recieve unsolicited Private Messages from people offering to sell you something, please advise me (The Ritz) or any of the Richersounds or Philips Shop reps. It is not appropriate for people to use the forum in this way and we would like to be advised in order to take apropriate action.

General Boards Guidelines

In addition to the foregoing specific rules, all the usual Boards forum guidelines apply in this forum, you can read them Here.

Please note in particular the following "Boards Things not to do":

Please do not
  • Argue with a mod on thread - This is just so that the thread doesn't become derailed by something other than the topic of the thread
  • Start a new thread in the forum you are having a problem in
  • Start a thread in Feedback or Help Desk
  • Send abusive PMs (this will earn you a siteban)

Service Menus

Service menus are hidden on TVs for a good reason - it's too easy to permanently damage your TV by experimenting with the settings in the Service Menus. While you may be able to find codes on the Net for entering the service menu, you should understand that if you change settings in the Service Menu you do so at your own risk and any resultant damage to your TV is your responsibility.

Forum Standards

Please take account of the nature of this forum when posting. Posts are expected to be civil in tone and posts which could be regarded as un-civil or abusive will be snipped or deleted without notice. Please do not use all Coloured, Bold, CAPITAL LETTERS or Large Font in your posting - this is generally regarded as "shouting" and is not welcome. If in doubt, have a read of the general run-of-mill posts on the forum and that will give you a clear idea of the general standard of posting.

Personal abuse of any kind will result in an immediate and lengthy ban.

If you see something posted on the forum which you consider inappropriate, please feel free to send me a PM - it's usually quicker than reporting a post in the usual way.

If you have a problem....

If you have a problem with a post or a thread on this forum, the first step should be to send me a PM. If there is some way in which I can help you I will happily do so or if the difficulty relates to a post or Moderator decision of mine such as moving a post or snipping (deleting text) that concerns you, then I will do my best to explain the situation.

If you are not happy with the outcome of the above, then next step is to PM the Category Moderators. They are listed at the bottom of the forum alongside the regular mods.

Failing that step, you can then take it to the Dispute Resolution forum here where an Admin can become involved and give a decision on the matter.

I am commited to ensuring that this forum runs in a friendly and effective manner for Boardsies and for Richersounds. No Mod action such as infraction or a ban has ever been imposed in this forum, I don't want to see that change, but I will happily act to prevent the forum from being disrupted if the need arises.

Notice to Retailers/Representatives/Employees:

If you are a retailer or a representative or employee of a retailer, please do not post offers etc. on this forum or use it to engage with potential customers. Activity of this kind will result in an immediate ban and potential further sanction at the discretion of the Administrators of Boards.

If you wish to use Boards for advertising purposes, please follow this link for further details from the Boards Team.


06.01.2014 10:29 #2
Mod Test.
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26.11.2016 15:38 #3
Verified representative
Originally posted by The Ritz
Mod Test.

How can we test the mods..... are they even human? or Bots...

I do know that The Ritz never sleeps ......:D
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