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13.08.2008 01:12 #1
Registered User
Just wanted to say that I was amazed at the quick and efficient service provided by Elara.

Sunday just gone I decided to purchase an Asustek EeePC 1000H. By Monday lunchtime the order was processed, including payment, and delivered! Never before have I seen such a fast process.

Well done guys/gals!

13.08.2008 01:19 #2
Registered User
Have to agree with you here on this one, I had the same experience buying a wireless router a couple of months ago. Very efficient.
13.08.2008 15:13 #3
Thanks fellas... :)
14.08.2008 21:16 #4
Registered User
Most welcome. As long as you keep up the good service that is. ;)
23.08.2008 14:04 #5
I've bought a few times from them and collected my items the following day. Great stuff, keep it up. :)
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