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Introduction to Elara Online

15.07.2008 15:40 #1
Elara Representative
For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are online retailers of computer components and electronics, based in Parkwest, Dublin (www.elara.ie).

I will be the main elara rep although Kin Mak will also be at hand to answer more technical questions.

I will be creating a boards.ie page on our site with specials for boardsies :) and will be updated weekly. Aiming for 21/07/2008 to launch page.

Few Points worth noting:

We accept Laser Cards
We offer collection as an option
We are an Irish Company based in Ireland

As always feel free to give us a call 01-6251320 if you have any product queries or post in this forum. All feedback good or bad are welcome. ;)
3 thanks
15.07.2008 15:41 #2
Free stuff........to me.......now.........please :)

Good to see you back here.
15.07.2008 22:29 #3
Oooh, will check out.
17.07.2008 08:45 #4
Registered User
i just wanna say I've used elara a number of times, even the phoneline with the directions on it is brilliant and the prices arn't half bad either.
17.07.2008 12:37 #5
Woo hoo Elara is back... :D
17.07.2008 16:53 #6
Registered User
I also wanted to say I've had great experience with elara.ie in the past. Quick, reliable and good customer service. They also have some great bargains now and again. I ordered the guts of my Quad Core system from them & it worked out a little cheaper then competitor prices.

The biggest bonus of Elara.ie - They Accept Laser!! (Main reason I use elara)

Welcome back Kin :cool:
17.07.2008 17:01 #7
Originally posted by HungryJoey

The biggest bonus of Elara.ie - They Accept Laser!! (Main reason I use elara)

I though it was because of me.... :(
26.07.2008 00:55 #8
Welcome back. Elara: Online shopping without the BS!
26.08.2008 14:02 #9
Wooo! Elara's back, I've used these guys in the past and have to say service was top notch, and i saved a packet by not buying them in other computer shops.

keep up the good work!
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