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06.04.2016 23:40 #7
Originally posted by Eddie
Hi all, please note that as of Thursday 7th April, will be discontinuing this Talk To forum. Due to the huge number of queries we receive on a daily basis, we are better placed to reply to those and help you via our regular support channel which is the email

It is with a tinge of sadness that I post this as I have been here since we were the For Sale forums on Boards with the old support forum and help desk. In that time, we have seen huge growth which continues to this day. We have made friends along the way, laughed, cried and had some memorable moments but we are moving on.

Thank you all for your support over the years and thank you all for your continued use of both Boards and Adverts.

Thats a shame to see happening.

I would view this talk to as an important channel for new and existing adverts users.

Its probably the one thing that adverts had for it over the competition.

Paying €5 for a premium ad is hard to justify as it is.
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