12.03.2016 16:23 #13
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How many opposition amendments to legislation were accepted by the government controlled Finance committee?

Also, if you were a lone independent TD with ambitions of genuine political reform and you were faced with the options of maintaining a high attendance rate in an impotent echo chamber Dáil & committees where opposition TDs are ignored OR using some of that precious time to try to set up a new party (with very few successful new entrants in the last 100 years), what would you do?

I back Stephen's decision to prioritise a project with potential national impact over the other options in his 5th Dáil year.  For what it's worth, I would wager his poll topping performance in Wicklow shows widespread support for his approach and representation and frankly I find it a bit disappointing that someone so politically active as yourself would harp on in this manner without acknowledging the context.