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The King of Rabbits
Originally posted by Social Democrats: Gill
While we would aspire to abolish the Special Criminal Court, we understand that in the current circumstances this is not possible. The word 'special' in the name of the court suggests that it is not supposed to be there as a permanent feature, but it will be unless we change how we support the Garda Siochana. We need to start picking up criminality at a lower level, by maximising the use of new systems to support investigation of crime and by having a more consistent approach to the recording/classification/detection of crimes. We also support investing in modern IT systems, developing new in-service training programs, deploying personnel based on crime statistics and demographic changes, and ensuring that Gardai deployments can support wide scale adoption of a Community Policing model.

Thanks for responding Gill.  I'm far from an expert, but it was my understanding that the SCC was formed to deal with very high-level crimes - terrorism and organized crime.  Aren't most of those things related to as you say, lower level matters?  Perhaps I am being short-sighted.
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