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Welcome to the Talk to Social Democrats forum at Boards.ie. We're delighted to have hosted this forum since 09/02/'16.

A representative from The Social Democrats media team will be here between 3PM and 4PM on Thursdays each week to answer your questions and queries and listen to your feedback.

The Online team are:
  • Shane
  • Peter
  • Gary
  • Stephen
You can also get in touch with us via info@SocialDemocrats.ie

Here is what the Social Democrats have to say themselves:

Originally posted by the Social Democrats
The Social Democrats are ambitious for Ireland’s future. We want Ireland to be a republic in which every person has opportunity and dignity. We are a new party, unhindered by the past and the old style of politics. Irish people have enormous resources of energy, creativity, and compassion. We deserve better than an economy that swings between boom and bust; a political system that refuses to be accountable to its citizens; public services that fail those citizens when they need them most; and a society hampered by poverty, division and injustice.

Why are the Social Democrats here?
We are here to put our money were our mouth is, that means being open. While we are a new party, and don’t have an answer for everything, we will be trying our best to answer as many as your questions as possible.

How long will it take to get an answer?
As you can imagine, we're all very busy preparing for this year's election, so our time on Boards will be limited to 1 hour per week. If you don’t get an answer right away, be assured, it will be answered as soon as we can. If we don’t have a position, we will let you know, and would be very happy to hear your ideas on the subject.
All the usual forum guidelines apply in this forum. Abuse will not be tolerated. Remember, the Soc Dems team are here to help you.

Social Democrats have no deletion or editing privileges on your posts or theirs on this forum.

That's it! So if you have any queries, just let us know.
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