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I was wondering was it something like that but gave them the benefit of the doubt!

Hi Guys and thanks MJohnston for outlining  how to retrive your password from your browser.

yes due to recent changes with eircom websites to eir customers may be prompted for their email password.

For eircom customers all of the information is here - https://autoreg.eir.ie...angeunknown_pwd.html

For non eircom customers the process is as follows:
• If you are not an eircom customer and you have not provided a security question & answer on your account, then unfortunately we have no information against which to validate your account details.
• In order to confirm ownership of the account, we will send an email to the email address which is queried and after 30 days if there has been no correspondence from that address to the contrary we will be able to provide you with access.

Customers who cannot remember their password may should / may be able retrieve this from the stored location of their browser and should try the following steps before requesting password reset.

For Chrome Users:
Click the icon with three parallel bars (hamburger icon) then Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and click Show Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Passwords and Forms and you’ll see a link to Manage Passwords. Clicking this link will give you a list of saved passwords and clicking on any link will reveal the password.

For Firefox Users:
Access Options, whether through the orange button, Tools or the icon with three parallel bars ( Hamburger Icon). Within options, go to Security. There is a list of saved passwords there which can be viewed.

For IE Users:
Setting – Internet Options – Content Tab – Settings (Under Auto Complete Option) – Expand eirom webmail url – click on show

If you continue to have problems with this let us know here or on our eir community and we can advise further.