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15.12.2014 13:57 #44
Originally posted by run_Forrest_run
Originally posted by Tesco Mobile: Krystal
Originally posted by run_Forrest_run
I am new to Tesco Mobile and I am in the middle of switching my number. When the number has been ported how do I log on to the Tesco Mobile website again? Do I use my ported number and the same password that was used to log on with the Tesco number or do I need to create a new account for the ported number?

Hi run_Forrest_run,

You can simply log in using your ported number. If for some reason you do see an error you can re-register the ported number, but you'll only be asked for your mothers maiden name, not the full form this time :)

just got the confirmation text from Tesco Mobile, I was a bit too eager/impatient :D

OK, Glad you hear you got sorted

Many Thanks,