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02.12.2014 18:39 #39
Originally posted by Tesco Mobile: Krystal
Originally posted by suefox

I'm thinking about changing to tesco mobile from o2, and just wondering are there any extra charges incurred on the tesco network?

E.g. is there a charge for calling voicemail?


Hi suefox,

There's no cost involved in moving the number over, as you can order your new Tesco Mobile SIM free from our website
The cost of voicemail is normally 25c/minute but if you're using our Unlimited Talk plan (where you top up with 15 euro in one go to start 30 days of free calls to all standard Irish mobile and landline numbers) then any voicemail calls are covered under this. The same thing if you're joining us on bill pay, the voicemail calls are covered by your plan minutes :)

If you're going to keep using your old phone will you just be sure to get it unlocked by O2 first, otherwise your new Tesco Mobile sim may not work in it.

Hi Krystal,

Thanks for that. I should be more clear, I am thinking of getting the samsung galaxy s5 on bill pay and moving from o2 to tesco. On the 30euro a month for 24 plan, are there any extra charges, e.g. voicemail, changing over number, webtexts, etc etc?