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Originally posted by Fizman
Hi guys,

Just thought I'd bring your attention to a situation that I have. Might be best to just post the link to a thread I already started which pretty much describes what has gone on so far!


Let me know what you think!



Please email all your correspondence with Asus including dates to returns@elara.ie and we will take a look at this. If possible we need the date of each return request, when it was authorised, when it was collected and when the item was returned. Please also quote your Elara Order number. It will just help build the case with Asus.

Also even though you could have returned the laptop through us every time you had a fault, we would have had to return it to Asus the same way you did for repair. Considering Asus collects and delivers the item at your location it would not make any sense to have the laptop go through out warehouse as well.