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07.04.2014 19:33 #41
Originally posted by Tesco Mobile: Tom
Originally posted by lud
I think the tariff plans you offer are the best of all other networks.
Unfortunately my phone (4G enabled) doesn't function well on 3G network :( When is Tesco Mobile Ireland going 4G? Is it any time soon? I don't want to switch to another network but I need my phone to function properly.

Another thought is...why micro sim cards are not available in Tesco stores? Every time I shop for them I am being sent to Tesco stall at Jervis as stores only do mini sim cards.

Hi Lud

4G is a service that we are currently in the early stages in planning for but I can't confirm a launch date.

What issues are you having with your phone on 3G?

Thanks for the feedback regarding the micro sims, I'll pass this on :)

My Sony Xperia Z loses signal (data mobile + gsm) 1-5 times daily (last Thu or Fri when it got lost over 10 times). It usually happens on bus trips. I understand there could be areas without coverage but the problem is that the phone won't reconnect back to network by itself. I have to restart the phone or go airplane mode for a minute, then back to normal mode to reconnect.
Recently it's been happening even when I am not moving. 
I sent the phone to Sony service center in Dublin, the handset has been replaced and tested. The problem still occurs. I went to Tesco stall in Jervis and the sales lady told me she did hear about this issue from other customers and that it could be many things. At the beginning she replaced my sim card with a new one, unfortunately it didn't make any difference.  
I read on Sony forums that some people who had the same problem changed their sim cards to 4G ready ones and their phones work fine now. Apparently Sony Xperia Z with Android version from 4.2 up need 4G sim cards enabled to function properly.