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07.04.2014 09:22 #40
Originally posted by lud
I think the tariff plans you offer are the best of all other networks.
Unfortunately my phone (4G enabled) doesn't function well on 3G network :( When is Tesco Mobile Ireland going 4G? Is it any time soon? I don't want to switch to another network but I need my phone to function properly.

Another thought is...why micro sim cards are not available in Tesco stores? Every time I shop for them I am being sent to Tesco stall at Jervis as stores only do mini sim cards.

Hi Lud

4G is a service that we are currently in the early stages in planning for but I can't confirm a launch date.

What issues are you having with your phone on 3G?

Thanks for the feedback regarding the micro sims, I'll pass this on :)