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Hi again FoxT and BluE-WinG.

There is currently no WiFi for Climote. The product is only equipped to receive messages via SIM. If a customer does not wish to pay the €36 SIM fee after the first year, or two years (depending which payment option they choose) the Climote can just be used as a time-clock.

A Vodafone SIM card is placed in the back of the Climote, which is then fitted where the time-clock would have been. There is a number on the card, which the customer uses to send messages from the various channels available (mobile phone/smartphone/tablet/computer). Smartphone and web app will perform the same tasks as the wall device, i.e. full view of the heating system.
For customers who do not have a smartphone, it is simply a matter of texting the command, e.g. "Heating for 1 hour."

Many thanks for the quick response. Can you replace the Sim card with a different Sim card and use it in the same way?