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Originally posted by FoxT
I'd like to try one, please...

Now - i am really interested in the following....

How does it work? I assume it uses a SIM card? and how much does that cost? If you dont want to use a SIM card can you use an existing internet connection?

And, finally....

And chance the T&C's can be distilled down into a half a page of plain english?


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Hi Electric Ireland
I am enquiring about the sim card that is embedded in Climote. After a year, I'm sure many of us would prefer not to have another bill of 36e a year.

If we have a smart-phone with the downloaded Climote app - Could this be used remotely to control climote via your home internet connection and your smartphones internet connection- Thereby removing the requirement for the Sim card?

I guess the question really is - Is climote wifi enabled and can you access it using the app without the need for the sim card?

Hi FoxT and BluE-WinG,

I have escalated your queries to Home Energy Services and will advise you of their response ASAP. In the meantime, just FYI, here is info regarding the SIM cost and the associated special offers (no payment of the SIM for a year or two years, depending which payment option is chosen): https://www.electricir...an-I-buy-climote.jsp - the main terms and conditions are contained herein, and just to add: customers who would like to avail of the instalment plan option (paying off the Climote via bill) as well as it being required to be a direct debit customer, they must also be a customer with Electric Ireland a minimum of 12 months.

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