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Pageant Messiah, I always assumed part of the attraction for service providers was that a customer who bought a 'deal' might come back (paying full price), but I'm not sure how sound a business model that is.

Either way, the deals market is saturated. It has also been tainted by one or two less reputable sites which have left people out of pocket. It's unfortunate that BoardsDeals is going, as they are one that I would always feel were trustworthy.

Best of luck with the next project!

That's how I view the deals that appear as once offs / once in a while. (I even ran one myself coming from the same logic)

It's just that when I see the same deal appearing over and over again across multiple sites the only assumption I can make is that the deal itself is profitable to run at what amounts to up to a 75% discount off normal prices. (Allowing for the fact that the price paid at 50% off or similar is then divided out between the deal vendor and retailer) If that's the case the seller / retailer would be far better off dropping their own prices by half - getting more business and taking more revenue in from each sale on top of that.
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