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That's a brave decision guys and for what it's worth I do think you've called it correctly. The integrity of the group is more important.

Thanks for all the effort put in and I'm also glad to hear nobody will lose their job as a result.

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Boards have helped me rapidly expand my business over the past year, the last three months have seen a nose dive in voucher sales for a number of sectors. In one regard I'm relieved that I won't be dealing with the monumental pain in the a&*e of booking 25-30 mobile valets a week, on the other hand, I'm quite saddened that I've had to let a member of staff go today because the voucher model has floundered and there is no more work for him.

Ironically enough this scenario is why the deal concept is dying off IMO. Most "deals" available across all deal sites are not true deals / discounts to the extent that is advertised. If you have a business that is employing staff just to service deals customers then it's fair to say that the special deal isn't that special. A service / product that is being offered at 50% off when the customer knows that on top of that discount the service provider is also handing over a chunk of that 50% they get to the deal provider makes you as a customer question the authenticity of the deal if it appears on a regular basis across the deal sites (which most do). It's gotten to the stage that most deals are coming with over inflated original prices which may even be legitimate but are only set in the first place to provide a headline reduction.

I think customers are more and more aware of this and are either a) viewing the deal provider and vendor with mistrust or b) shopping around and finding possibly a better price available (where a vendor hasn't had to pay another 30-50% of the sale price to the deal provider)

Edit - not having a go or criticism of gravity10 to be clear - just an observation
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