24.02.2012 10:18 #8
Originally posted by O2_Sheena
No-ones online account was 'hacked', phishing or smishing is when the 3rd party tricks you into providing your account details. This is why we've had a message up about it for a long time, the same way the banks have similar messages on their sites.

Sheena, My online account was hacked. Webtexts were sent from my account without my consent. I did not give my login details to anyone hence my account WAS hacked. This was confirmed to me by your customer care helpdesk. Your alert does not advise anybody that this can happen to their account. i have since deactived my account by clicking the "forgot my password" and had a new one texted to me but never went through the steps of resetting my password as in my opinion and from the proof i have, the o2 website lacks any high tech security