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Originally posted by O2_Lisa
Hi, once you log in there is a pop up that advises on phishing, also on the homepage there is details of this without having to log in http://www.o2online.ie/o2/

Hi Lisa
Where exactly does it state your account my be hacked into and webtexts may be sent.
your "fraud alert" fails to explain to customers that they should keep an eye on their sent web texts.
i dread to think that my personal details, i.e. name address and date of birth etc. have also be obtained and may now be fraudulently used.
Are o2 not supposed to report this to the relevant authorities. All i got from o2 was a sheepish apology when i spoke to you about this serious matter. Once again o2 have failed their customer and have not provided any solution.

Phishing emails or Text messages, how do you recognise it?

We've discovered a small number of text messages and emails going to customers, claiming to be from O2. They're not from us. O2 will never ask customers by SMS to disclose personal information. Messages sent by O2 come from a short code number, such as 50407, 50202 or 50308, or are branded O2 Treats or O2More.

Some of the messages ask you to cancel fake orders, or enrol in anti-fraud programmes or avail of a 'limited offer opportunities'. They are part of a fraudulent practice known as ‘phishing’ or ‘smishing.’

O2 advises its customers not to respond to texts from an unknown source and to avoid clicking on web links contained within such texts.

Smishing texts are sent by an unknown third party and are aimed at tricking the recipient into revealing their personal information, including passwords, on a website set up specifically for that purpose.

As soon as O2 is made aware of smishing texts, we immediately seek to shut down access to the fraudulent websites that are linked to within the messages. This response is standard industry practise; sadly, lots of organisations are affected by phishing or smishing.'.