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Originally posted by kaleidoscope
Hi, Purchased vouchers from Boards for The Salon laser treatment in November and when phoned for appointment today 10 January there was a problem because the receptionist explained that there were no vouchers issued in November because the deal would have expired by then and that the vouchers were usually only valid for 6months anyway thus any vouchers would have expired by now but told me to forward a copy of the vouchers to The Salon. She said if Boards covered the vouchers there wouldn't be a problem. Please note that the details in the advertisement from Boards states that the initial appointment needs to be booked before April 30. The validity dates on the vouchers I received also give the dates valid 01.12.2011 to expires 01.12.2012.

Hi kaleidoscope,
You are correct, we did run a deal with The Salon at the end of November which you can see here. I presume that the similar email we received abouit this is also from you?
We will contact The Salon today for you, all deals are approved by merchants before they are run so there is perhaps a mix up at The Salon about this. I'll get back to you later today :)
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