05.12.2009 09:56 #87
Few important settings to be changed in order to turn this brick into a great device ;) Worked for me just fine...

In management settings:
Turn off TR-069 Client (kill the secret spy and no more big brother job);
Turn off SNTP automatic time synch (I believe this will help to prevents against timeouts);
Turn off SNMP Agent (unless you need this diagnostic service);
I heve killed all automatic system logs (really don't need this);

In advanced wireless tab:
Setting fixed channel prevents distruptions and signal losses (channel 1 works for me just ok);
Bandwith set to 40MHz (more=better);

In advanced setup:
Security DOS settings to full (better security against DOS attacks, analizing router logs I have realised it occurs often and distrupt service);
Kill quality of service unless you really need it (with approx two computers in the household it is useless and you will notice big difference);
Change DNS servers to yours favourite, unless you like eircoms/vodafones ones, I think it is obvious, open dns is just fine;
Igmp proxy off...
In DSL tab all enabled (not sure if our ips support SRA but connection seems to work better, anyway it does no harm;

That's it, hopefully it will help you all....

One more thing, if connecting USB ext drive, make sure it uses FAT32 files system and use ftp when copying bigger files to it ;)