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Hi bazermc,

We're really sorry for the delay in responding.

The works taking place as part of the Leakage Reduction Programme are essential works and Irish Water strive to ensure works are of minimal distribution to the community as possible.

The largest part of the mains replacement works has been completed at this point.

There are ancillary works to be completed over the coming weeks on the South Circular Road, however we expect that these works will not be as distributive from a water pressure and traffic management perspective.

We have communicated with the appointed contactors and the permanent reinstatement will be rolled out as soon as possible following the completion of this essential leakage reduction works.


Dear Irish water.

Is there any update on this road and whether the works are done now and it will be properly resurfaced. The road is in worse condition than a Boreen in South Kerry.

Hi Bazermc,

These works have been completed as of now.

Could you PM us the exact location of the needed reinstatement and we will pass this along to our contractors.

Reinstatement works usually take place 4-6 weeks after works are completed but I will make the contractors aware of the works needed.