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just an update on this , the new smart meters that esb networks are installing are not capable of night rate electricity , the meter would need to be swapped out for an older type digital meter , they are waiting on new type smart meters which will be capable of this .

Which meter is not capable of this? I am with Energia and they said I am able to switch to one of their Smart plans which has night rates. I got my new meter around 6 months ago

this is what I was informed by chat support and telephone support by Electric Ireland , I forgot to come back to this thread to inform people of this , 

I did not actually get this confirmed until a few weeks ago , crazy I know but the whole point of smart meters was to be able to offer different tariffs , I knew this but it took until electric ireland advertised the new tariffs that someone from electric ireland confirmed this  to me , any way i am not happily connected to the Home Electric + Nightboost