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We are delighted to announce the set up of  our new Vulnerable Customer Unit (VCU). Our dedicated team will be available to give extra support to customers facing challenging circumstances, including age-related or cognitive impairment, financial abuse, illness, and addiction, or life events such as separation and divorce.


The unit is aimed at improving the financial well-being and support of our vulnerable customers and providing guidance to our branch and digital staff enabling our customers and colleagues to thrive.

You can find out more here

Any questions please feel free to post and we'll be happy to help

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I don't have a smartphone and even if I do my eyesight is no longer the best. I read somewhere that I should get a so called Physical Security Key in order to access my account. I tried login to 365 today hoping to see anywhere online where I could apply for that but in vain. Can someone please lead me to the solution?
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