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Hi Folks,
We’ve purchased a property in 46 Meadow Gates, Wicklow Town. All the work has been completed long back and we’re juat waiting for the water connection for a good while. We’re staying in a rented accommodation with 2 kids and given a notice to landlord based on the earlier discussion. It’ll be of great help if you guys can get this sorted out at the earliest as we don’t need to pay any extra rent and go through the same drill again. I’ve booked off at work and lined up every one with tentative dates to get things moving. As we don’t have any information at this stage it’s going to be very difficult for us manage other aspects. I completely understand that you guys are busy during this Pandemic situation and there are 8 more families in the same row with the same problem. This will have a huge impact to all our lives which will affect us financially and mentally. Appreciate your help in looking into this at priority and provide an update at the earliest. Anticipating a favourable response at the earliest. Thanks


Thanks Ramesh for creating this post and highlighting this issue we are due to move into 77 Meadow Gate and will have a big affect if we can’t move in before Christmas
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