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Originally posted by HeidiHeidi
Any useful info,  OP?

I'm not sure why Irish Water can't just post the information here - it's not like the OP was asking about the supply to his own house  :confused:

For the record, I live nearby,  and I would also like to know if there's an end in sight to the works, and if the road is going to be properly reinstated.

Hi Heidi  I just spoke with Irish Water this morning and they confirmed the works will be done by January 2021 - apparently they are major replacement works.  I asked if the road would be properly reinstated which they said it would be.  However in my opinion and given the track record of Irish Water, that remains to be seen.

It is a pity that works are not of a stop start nature, as they would be done quicker in just done from start to finish without interruption.