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07.09.2020 23:26 #1
Hey EI

I currently have a Climote system in my house. Its a new build and it was pre-installed by the gas engineer. I've had it for about a year and a half now and i've had nothing but problems with it. I've been on to Climote "tech support" countless times who have constantly failed to fix the issue. What happens is the device randomly crashes throughout the day (maybe 6-8 times a day) and it crashes when you use it for around 15-30 seconds (hitting buttons on it). If the boiler is on a boost cycle and the climote crashes then my boiler is stuck on and i have to physcially go and kill the power to the boiler to shut it down. If the climote crashes prior to a boost cycle then i have no heat. Some crashes have even gone on for several hours and without fail after it reboots it takes hours to connect to the network again. On a side note nobody has mobile phone coverage problems in my house except for Climote. 

Climote have send "updates" to the device several times but it does nothing. I've already told them it needs to be changed and they never do anything about it. Their last idea was to send out an engineer with a great big antenna and stick it to my wall and somehow that will stop the device from crashing. That was at the start of covid and they never contacted me again. Im not out of contract with climote so it needs to go. Its an appalling system... rant over.

Anyway, I want to change provider as well, i am currently with Energia and its time to swap. I see you guys have a deal for dual fuel & a nest for 130 quid. I have a 3 zone heating system so i need 2 nest systems. On your sites FAQ it says i need to fork out 270 quid for a 2nd nest system, otherwise my other option is Climote. Since I have a Climote & its done nothing but drive me insane for the last year and a half that system is just not going to work for me. Can you guys offer a better deal then 400 euro for 2 Nests if i sign up for dual fuel?

By the way thanks for reading the Climote rant :D
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