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25.07.2020 09:49 #1
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I switched to Electric Ireland in March and it is a huge regret.   To say customer service is appalling is an understatement.

The electricity part is fine but moving gas has been a nightmare.  I had a PrePay meter which had to be removed.  This took 4 months (which was initially due to Covid and this was fine) and 4 missed appointments from engineers which were all in the last 2 weeks. I had no calls to cancel and this was despite paying €200 removal fee.    All the time I was waiting for this I had to continue going to local shop and top up my old PrePay meter card. 

Finally on Thursday it was removed and I was delighted.... engineer was excellent.    However I could also see amounts being added to my new online Gas Bill!  It stood this week at €45.  This morning is now stands at €245 because on top of these unknown charges Electric Ireland have also added on removal charge of €200 DESPITE me having paid this already!!!

I got on to a rep on 1850 372 372 this morning and to say her attitude was bad is an understatement.  She said it was my fault for not ringing in meter readings!!!   This meter had €10 credit on it when the engineer finally removed it 2 days ago!  The call got cut off, I rang back, repeated the entire story to another agent. She told me they have no record of my payment of €200!!! Thankfully its on my AIB Credit card and I'm looking at it right now. This payment was made 11 days ago yet Electric Ireland have no record of it??

I can understand mistakes but the problem with Electric Ireland seems to be to blame the customer, have a bad attitude, put you on hold to speak to "someone else", or else cut you off.

I wish to God I had stayed with PrePay Power.  I know it was hassle topping up the Gas card at the local shop (and this was the reason I changed providers) but they were a dream to deal with compared to Electric Ireland. Already I want to change providers and will pay to get out of this contract if I can. I am sending a complaint to the Energy Regulator.  

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