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17.07.2020 09:38 #2
Verified representative
Hi Paul,

Thanks for your interest in Electric Ireland.

With regard to what you would receive for a new electricity account and an existing gas account, we know that your bill saving off the units would increase from 5% to 8% (for each energy supply) per bill. To find out what bonus credit you would receive, contact Electric Ireland Sales on 1850 30 50 90 or

The NightSaver is beneficial economically if the electricity is used significantly during the night rate hours (currently midnight to 9am; 11pm to 8am when the clocks go back). Just to advise: the day rate is higher than the 24-hour meter rate, and the standing charge for the NightSaver is higher than that of the 24-hour meter. If a customer wishes to change from NightSaver to 24-hour meter, there is a call-out/works cost from ESB Networks, applied to the customer's bill. There is no charge to change from 24-hour meter to NightSaver.

To request the NightSaver meter, telephone Electric Ireland Customer Service on 1850 372 372.

Let us know here on social media if you have follow-up questions before proceeding.

Kind regards,
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