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26.06.2020 12:26 #170
Originally posted by scunermac
Hi all,

I'm going to be upgrading my boiler soon, and am considering getting a Climote at the same time.
But when looking into it I see some reviews mentioning a limitation of being only able to set 3 different time periods within the timeclock for the heating to come on. So I wanted to check if this was truly the case, or is the electronic time clock as flexible as the old physical time clock where you could have lots of different time periods set, say for a half hour each for 5 different times during the day?


That is correct, you can have only 3 time periods in a day for each zone (upstairs, downstairs, water etc.). Now funny that you've mentioned it as I've been using Climote for good 4 or 5 years now and never have I noticed that: I just don't see the need for more in my personal experience.

I normally have 2 times for both water: one in the morning before waking up and one early afternoon, so that there's water for the evening; another 2 for downstairs heating for before I wake up and when I get back from work and 2 for bedrooms: before bed and again before waking up. It's very much "set and forget"...

What I do use much more often is boost and hold-off: so when I'm cold: i boost heat for specified time (half hour to 6 hours). Hold-off is the opposite: if my heating kicks in at 6pm in the evening, but I'm out for pints with lads, I set "Hold-off" for few of hours, so that the empty house wasn't getting heated :) 

Albo, because Climote can be controlled via text messages, it's easy to integrate it with iPhone workflows, and have one-tap or Siri Shortcuts to perform boosts and hold-offs.

Hope this helps :)

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