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Not trying to take away from other posters and I'm sure they can be hard work to deal with but if you dot the I's and have everything 100% right then you shouldn't have too many problems.

This is simply not the case though. I appreciate your easy experience but our crap experience was not due to lack of effort on our part. We had gotten equity release with BOI three years prior to this application with KBC, which, if anyone here knows, is a complete mortgage application process again. All our documents were valid, there was nothing unusual in our circumstances. I have emails of our very competent solicitor losing her patience with the requests coming from KBC. It was a ****storm of inefficiency and I refuse to accept any responsibility for it. I am ridiculously organised when it comes to documentation, its my "thing"and having gone through the initial mortgage application (2009/2010 - in the middle of the recession) and equity release in 2015 I would have considered myself fairly adept at this stuff. 
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